Tel Aviv Museum of Art


The challenge:

To create an outstanding GALA event to celebrate the DADA Movement’s 100th birthday.

What we did:

We created an original evening of dance, performance artists and music, expressing the theme of DADA 2016; a dialogue of contemporary art inspired by the spirit of DADA.

In order to create this unusual event, we collaborated with some of Tel Aviv’s most promising young artists; The Maslul Professional Dance program dancers choreographed by Yaniv Avraham and Guy Shomroni, the Smartut performance artists, and more.

The results:

A real “taste” of the DADA feeling; surprise, intrigue, inspiration and motivation.
An event that took the audience on a breathtaking journey that ended with an authentic cabaret dinner and came to a magnificent end with a surprise dance finale!
The audience of museum donors was thrilled, captivated and most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed every last minute.