Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2015 Gala Evening

The challenge:

To create a gala evening inherently different from its traditional interpretation. To take the event’s participants on an innovative journey that would create a significant connection between the experience, and art. ? Does it work? Maybe: to create a significant connection between the participants and the experience of art.

What we did:

A ‘moving’ experience in every sense of the word.
We began in the museum’s foyer and took the guests all around the museum on an interactive track that eventually settled in a spacious gallery.
The theme was unequivocally FOOD AND ART.




We created a series of unexpected, mouth-watering food presentations designed to entice the senses. Food was served on oversized tables covered with unusual presentations such as: spiced chocolate leaves that the participants had to break using a hammer and piles of fresh vegetables on a bed of green grass (collected by the participants themselves) to add a personal touch.



Held at the prestigious Elstein Gallery, the participants enjoyed a celebrative dinner served by theatrical parades of waiters, surrounded by projected images of contemporary culinary art and spectacular food photography.





The results:

An unexpected, surprising and intriguing experience, that helped fuse a stronger connection between the Museum and its contributors.