Nice Systems


The challenge:

To create an effective branding experience at the NICE Global Sales Kickoff Event. The branding would need to evoke a personal experience of customer engagement, high energy and “owning the decisive moment”.

What we did:

We created the slogan “Own it – Win it!”
Together, with Respect Studio, we created a set of visuals using hands to symbolize the creative concept “It’s in your hands, you can do it!” in order to give a human feel to a very hi-tech environment.
For the EMEA team’s opening event which took place in Athens, we showed images of drumming hands on screens and swept the audience into a powerful drumming performance. The experience culminated in a thrilling crescendo where all of the participants drummed in unison.

The results:

An engaging, interactive and inspiring branding experience for three separate global company events (Emea, Americas and Pacific).llenges of 2016.