Isrotel Exclusive Collection: Boutique & Luxury Hotels

Luxury Customer Experience

The challenge:

To define, together with Isrotel, the very heart of their exclusive customer ‘promise’. To express and articulate the essence of ‘luxury’ for the guests of Israel’s top hotel network. To deliver real value within the hospitality experience and make the guests want to come back again and again, and tell others all about it!

What we did:

a) We defined and created the “promise” together with the luxury hotel’s management by mapping out critical and memorable ‘moments of truth’. We translated the promise into meaningful actions and gestures, creating a differentiating value and experience for each individual hotel that would remain long after the guests had checked out.

b) We provided the management with valuable and inspiring tools to help them implement exceptional exclusive hospitality, successful operational work plans and effective implementation processes, over time.

The results:

A feasible work plan, clear implementation directions and resulting successful customer experience.allenges of 2016.