The Friends of the Israel Museum Gala

The challenge:

A gala event to celebrate the newly renovated museum, show its art in a new light and most challengingly, fit 600 (!!) participants effortlessly into a space where there was no room for a sit down dinner – all the while creating an unforgettable experience!

what we did:

We created a series of memorable gallery tours conducted by well-known people from the fields of business, culture and public life. Present were: Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel, Actress Yevgenia Dodina, nationally acclaimed Chef Nir Tzuk and PR icon, Rani Rahav, and more.

The tours were closely followed by a “Machne Yehuda” (Jerusalem’s Iconic market) style dinner with genuine market stalls combining the sights and smells of local cuisine with an artistic twist for a truly unique dinner.
The audience was then invited to see Sharon Eyal’s “LEV” ensemble dance performance specifically created for a 60 meter-long stage placed in the main museum corridor “The Cardo”. The audience was seated along both sides of this this unusual stage allowing for an extraordinary and unusual viewpoint.

The results:

An unforgettable, daring and intriguing gala event expressing the new spirit of the museum.for this prestigious annual event.